Monday, June 9, 2008


so ive been writing a lot this summer. gonna make some art soon. but i figured id put words on paper first to give me ideas.
here you go, these are some short monologue-ish things. some poetry, some not. whatever you get the idea:

I stay on my toes
Game face on
Smack you when you touch me
Smile always
Pretend to like you
Count my money

I grate away my expectations of decency on the abrasiveness of your attitude towards the idea of commitment. Yet I continue to call you baby and pretend you didn’t say it because I’m disgustingly shallow and in love with your body that is covered in tattoos, secretly hoping that your mind could be just as beautiful if I just kept thinking it could be.
I allow myself to be something for you to do and I love it because for those few minutes I think if I keep doing it long enough I can convince you to change, baby.
I was hanging my hopes for courtesy and consideration of me on your ten-inch dick. It was honest. When you get soft, baby, those hopes fall off and go crashing to the floor.
I pick them up and save them for next time.

suggestions/comments welcome.

i love you all and miss you.

ps- post some fucking art up here, jeez!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Con Tacos?

i found this is on the NYtimes. a slideshow about a town in Pennsylvania before the upcoming primary. i'm suprised that he feels comfortable demonstrating his ignorance in a nationally syndicated newspaper. frighteningly typical of ... anyway ... what a dick.

this was the caption.

[...] But Peter Contacos, 42, the fourth generation of his family to own and operate [the diner] Coney Island Lunch, said he would not vote for Senator Barack Obama "because his name is Barack Hussein Obama -- case closed."

but let's take a look at this gentleman's name. he is first named after a cock. second, his surname translates as a dishonest mexican lunch food. we should elect him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Masturbate for Peace

This site will help you make self-love, not war:

I intend to break our dependence on foreign oil by recharging my vibrator's battery from environmentally-friendly renewable energy sources and lubricating it with non-petroleum water based products before allowing it to slide deep inside me. - Ontario, Canada

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Please, behold the glory....


ANDREW GOODMAN: what was the name of that weird/awesome found sound band that you always brought up in Steven Janis' class? You brought in the album you had once.......i cant remember the name of it and now i need it.

Its really shitty that i hated that class, because now im obsessed with sound art and Musique Concrete. and glittering assholes, and strippers, and media based crazed shit. still.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Actual Maybe Art

These photographs are ones that i may actually do something with as opposed to the cell phone stripper photos, which are sorta boring now that ive had a chance to really study them.
These are just 2 shots from many. Im actually using the male nude a lot more in my work now. The glitter was needed for some reason that i wasnt sure of when i was doing it. Im attracted to the cheapness. Im shooting another model soon and im still not entirely sure why im doing it. The one thing i can come up with is this:
I find it interesting to switch the roles and "objectify" a man.
Enjoy kids. Once again, comments welcome (and needed).

for Mark and Andrew.......

please, wash your hands after, boys. Apparently, ill be seeing you in a few months. After this, im going to post more art that im actually going to use probably.

and yes, these are photographed with a cell phone.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stripper Glory.....or not?

This is probably going to be my next piece, except that its going to be a sculptural/glitter interpretation. Im starting to do work about female sexuality (surprise surprise), but emphasize the superficial ownership of it......still using the cell phone. theyre easier to hide in the clubs. both of them were shot by the waitresses, for me.
anyway, im still not 100% sure about what i think, all i know is that its soooooo not as black and white as i made it out to be. feel free to comment.